Where's Balldo is owned by Anaphylactic Applications.

This application does not collect any information from the user.

Application data can be erased by clearing application storage and cache on mobile devices.

Contact us through www.anaphylacticapps.com or balldo@anaphylacticapps.com.

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Where's Balldo may be taken down and users prohibited from accessing the application at any given time.

Where's Balldo and Anaphylactic Applications are not responsible for any injuries incurred, during or after the use of this application.

The Canadian government's laws govern this agreement.

Background music credits: Terror Ambience by Burning Mir, used unedited and under a creative commons license.
Correct touch sound effect credits: Energy Whip 2 by Ejfortin, used unedited and under a creative commons license.
Incorrect touch sound effect credits: Robot Death 2 by Psychedelic Hands, used unedited and under a creative commons license.


Where's Balldo?